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  • Shanghai Garden

    Shanghai Garden

    [Downtown Villa]

    Shanghai Garden located in the center ofLujiazui business district, and adjacent to Shanghai World Financial Center Tower,which is the tallest building in Asia.Near by the Jinmao Tower and theOriental Pearl TV Tower. The whole garden was formed by four-story villa and six-storyvilla.Because of the low volume rate garden villa which is rare to see inLujiazui and the feeling of big terrace and big garden, the Shanghai Gardenbecame the benchmark model of Shanghai housing market.

    —— Honors ——

    • ·2003年度荣获“上海十大名宅”称号
    • ·2004年度荣获“首届园林城市特色住宅大赛综合金奖”称号
    • ·2004年度荣获“上海最受欢迎楼盘”称号
    • ·2004年度荣获“全国住宅人居经典综合金奖楼盘”称号
    • ·2004年度荣获CIHAF中国住交会“上海地产知名楼盘”称号
    • ·2004年度荣获“全国人居经典建筑规划方案竞赛”综合大奖
    • ·2005年度荣获“上海四高优秀小区”称号
    • ·2005年度荣获“上海房地产企业销售额80强第一位”
    • ·2005年度荣获“上海市商品住宅销售金额10强”
    • ·2009年度荣获“上海最具绝版价值名盘”称号
  • Tudor Dynasty

    Tudor Dynasty

    [Classic Britain Garden Villa]

    Tudor Dynasty was located in the HangtouDistrict ,Yang Gao Road extension section,Pudong. Where is near to the ShanghaiFree Trade Zone and Shanghai Disney Land. Tudor Dynasty was formed by highquality low density town house. And having classic Britain tudor exteriorelevation. Tudor Dynasty have won the championship of Shanghai villa marketmany times after its listed.

    —— Honors ——

    • ·2010年度十大国际品质别墅
    • ·2010年上海最具人气新地标楼盘
    • ·2010年度“最值得推荐的国际化社区”传媒大奖
    • ·2010年度上海市别墅销售面积前十位
    • ·2010年度“第五届十大明星楼盘”
    • ·2010年度最佳设计风格别墅(欧式)——亚洲房地产峰会组委会
    • ·2011年度上海联排别墅销售套数第一名、销售面积第二名
    • ·2011年最受消费者欢迎奖
    • ·2011年度上海最受欢迎楼盘人居价值金奖
    • ·2011年度上海市别墅销售十强—销售面积第一、销售金额第二
    • ·2012年度最具影响力楼盘
    • ·2013年度上海市商品住宅销售面积五十强
  • Detached Villa in the western suburb of Shanghai

    Detached Villa in the western suburb of Shanghai

    [Pure single family villa with lake view]

    Detached Villa in the western suburb ofShanghai is formed by pure single family villa in west Xuhui, Just next to theXinzhuan export of G15 High way. The community covers an area of 600 acres. Theplanning volume rate is less than 0.4. It is very convenient to get to theHongqiao Airport and Xujiahui. The community is rich in water system resources.There are three original river surrounded and the lake over 20 thousand squaremeters in the center. The well-planned landscapes compromise the classic Spainhouse naturally. It leads to a high-tasted ecological villa area of landscapesand water.

    —— Honors ——
    • · 荣获“名邸大宅奖——2008年中国(上海)地产最佳别墅社区”
    • · 2009年荣获“上海巅峰地标名盘”
    • · 荣获“2009年上海十大摩登地标楼盘”称号
    • · 荣获“2009年上海十大关注楼盘”称号
    • · 荣获“2009年臻独栋别墅”称号
    • · 2010年度中国低碳地产十大最佳国际宜居金奖别墅
    • · 2011年地产精英会最佳都市豪宅
    • · 2011年度中国别墅样本之国际传承社区
    • · 2016上海地产奥斯卡城市独栋地产典范奖
  • Chamtime Green Community

    Chamtime Green Community

    [The First Million square meters community in Wuxi]

    The Chamtime Green Community is the firstmillion square meters community in East Wuxi. It is a great complex city madeby luxury house development concept plan and finally set by high-endresidential, top villa, metro commercial district, garden single headquarters office.The community synchronizes the globalquality and mix great supporting, great municipal, great traffic and greatbusiness together. And finally became the model of human living in Wuxi.

    —— Honors ——
    • · 2011年中国房地产地方项目品牌价值TOP10
    • · 2011年锡东魅力楼盘
    • · 2012年度无锡最优楼盘购房者最爱楼盘
    • · 2012年度最具区域价值楼盘
    • · 2011-2012长三角高品质国际社区
    • · 2012年度影响无锡共融二十年荣誉品牌
    • · 2012年度无锡楼市人气楼盘
    • · 2012年度无锡“地标好楼盘”
    • · 2012年度最受关注高端楼盘
  • Chamtime Lakeview Villa

    Chamtime Lakeview Villa

    [The Great Life in the Lakeside]

    Chamtime Lakeview Villa is in thelakeside of the biggest lake of Shanghai. It exclusives to a 2.5 milesshoreline and being a rare lakeview vacation villa area. There are Xubao GolfCourse, Nature yacht club,Chamtime Gloria Resorts, Oriental Land, Fuke yachtclub in the community. It is true that you can leave the noise without leavethe city and enjoy the comfortable and bustling life as you wish.

    —— Honors  ——
    • · 2011年度最具典藏价值华宅
    • · 2011最佳行业贡献奖
    • · 2016上海地产奥斯卡度假别墅地产典范奖
  • Chamtime Qidong Project

    Chamtime Qidong Project

    [Ten thousand acres of seaside vacationresort in North Shanghai]

    Chamtime Qidong project is located inDongyuan Bay ,north Qidong City,Shanghai. It is 90 miles distance from downtownShanghai. It takes an hour to get there from downtown. You can get there in80minutes by car from either Shanghai , Suzhou , Wuxi , Changzhou or Nantong.The annual passenger flow expected more than 50 million. The total planningarea of the project is about 25 square kilometers. There will be 10 squarekilometers sea area and 15 square kilometers land area. The total investment isabout 70 billion yuan. And Planned 8-10 years to complete the development.

  • Chamtime Garden

    Chamtime Garden

    [The best riverside international villa in Changshu]

    Chamtime Garden located in the center ofChangshu Riverside development area.It is the only pure villa community in thearea. There are 255 acres wetland park,a 1000-meters-green road, ChanghuScenery River, 50000-square meters Citizen square, Lakeside Golf club and 150acres riverside sports park near the Chamtime Garden. It is a great villa areamade by Changjia Group same as Chamtime lake mountain villa and Chamtimemountain view villa.

    —— Honors ——
    • · 2011年度最佳景观楼盘
  • Chamtime Lake Mountain Villa

    Chamtime Lake Mountain Villa

    [Pure Britain Life]

    Chamtime lake mountain villa is near theYushan National Forest Park of Changshu and the Shang Lake National 4A GradeScenic Spot. Chamtime lake mountain Villa covers an area of 77 thousand squaremeters,the comprehensive volume rate is only 0.7. And being the Britain TudorStyle Stone pure villa community. Because of the rare natural resource and thegreat property management, Chamtime lake mountain villa has become the model ofhigh-end mountain and lake view house in Changshu. 

    —— Honors ——
    • · 2008年度荣获“全国优秀住宅综合金奖”
    • · 2008年度荣获“全国优秀住宅节能环保奖”
    • · 2008年度荣获“全国优秀住宅产业化奖”
    • · 2008年度荣获“全国优秀住宅高科技应用奖”
    • · 荣获“2009年中国房地产指数系统测评推荐十大特色别墅”
    • · 荣获“2009年深受市民喜爱的楼盘”
    • · 荣获“2009年市民心目中最旺人气楼盘”
  • Chamtime Mountain View Villa

    Chamtime Mountain View Villa

    [Franch Romance at the foot of Yu Mountain]

    Chamtime mountain view villa is locatedin the north east of Yushan National Forest Park. It is a Stone pure villacommunity of French neo classical style. The comprehensive volume rate is only0.7. Because of the international Development level and perfect internationallife support , the Chamtime mountain view villa has become the model ofhigh-end international community of Changshu.

    —— Honors ——
    • · 2008年荣获“全国优秀住宅综合金奖”
    • · 2008年荣获“全国优秀住宅节能环保奖”
    • · 2008年荣获“全国优秀住宅产业化奖”
    • · 2008年荣获“全国优秀住宅高科技应用奖”
    • · 荣获“2009年深受市民喜爱的楼盘”
    • · 荣获“2009年市民心目中最旺人气楼盘”