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CJ Capital is one of the three industrygroups of CJ groups, headquarters is in shanghai.

CJ Capital founded in 2012,the scope ofinvestment are both domestic and foreign capital market,concerned about theindustry including Finance,TMT,large consumption, modern services, healthcare,,artificial intelligence and etc.With the strong economic strength andgreat brand influence of CJ Group,with our unique investment philosophy,professional and solid investment research capabilities and excellentinvestment team,CJ Capital are famous among the market,the current managementof assets of nearly 10 billion yuan.

The business of CJ Capital are now dividedinto two parts:

1.CJCapital(International):Focus on foreign stocks, bonds, private equity funds andvarious types of mergers and acquisitions business.

2.CJ Capital(Domestic):Focuson various types of financial, industrial equity investment, and stocks, bondsand private equity investment.

CJ Capital keep investing values.Alwaysholding the principle of ‘Known, controllable, active’,paying attention to thebasic research of enterprise,Using the deep understanding and original analysisof macro economy, industry and capital market to find the investment targetswith low valuation,good growth and high quality.CJ Capital Capture the bestinvestment opportunities and obtain a stable growth of investment income whilecontrolling risk.

In the coming 3 to 5 years, Our targets aremaking CJ Capital a Investment management organization with certain influence,higher return on capital and larger scale in the domestic .And making CJCapital a famous and respectable Investment management brand gradually.Returnsto investors with long-term and stable returns and becoming a first-classinvestment group in China.