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  • Chamtime International Finance Building

    Chamtime International Finance Building

    Chamtime International Finance Buildinglocated in Pudian Road, Pudong district. It’s a 5A grade A office buildingwhich is very rare in Lujiazui Financial business district. The building is 22storeys high. The total construction area is about 58000 square meters. Theoffice building area is about 47000 square meters. The equipment is advancedand the room rate of the whole layer is high. The building is only for rent andnot for sold. The current rental rate is 100%. Most of the renters arefinancial customers, such as futures, securities and insurance companies. Ittakes over 70% of the whole building. The famous renters are AIG, Shengangsecurities, Changjia securities, Haitong futures, Nanhua futures, HutchisonWhampoa Limited.

    —— Honors ——
    • · 2008年通过“上海市质量体系审核中心ISO9001:2000质量认证体系贯标认证”
    • · 2008年荣获“治安保卫工作先进集体”称号
    • · 2008年荣获“上海室内空气良级商务楼”称号
    • · 2008年荣获“上海市优质消防工程麒麟奖”
    • · 荣获“2009年上海市物业管理优秀大厦”称号
    • · 2011年度“全国物业管理示范大厦”
  • Chamtime Corporate Avenue

    Chamtime Corporate Avenue

    Chamtime Corporate Avenue is east to the Bund region and west to the Shanghaitrain station ever bright and south to the People square. The plaza located inthe center of Shanghai. The total construction area is about 47123 squaremeters. It is formed by a 4-story single office building and a 27-story officebuilding. The building use classic ART DECO design. The inside was builtaccording to the highest standard of top 5A intelligent office building. Theoffice can be both rent and sold so that could feed the need of businessoffice. Now it has become the top financial office building in north Bund.

    —— Honors ——

    • · 荣获“2011写字楼风尚地标评选”
    • · 荣获“上海十佳写字楼”
  • Chamtime Plaza

    Chamtime Plaza

    Chamtime Plaza 5A office building islocated in the center of Zhangjiang district. The total construction area isabout 100 thousand square meters. The current rent rate is 100%. It has over200 high grade enterprises. Including Baidu, IBM,HP ,Roche and other high-techcompanies, financial companies, business companies, high-end consultingcompanies.

    —— Honors ——

    • · 2016年度完成“ISO9001 ISO14001质量体系贯标”认证
  • Techwork


    Techwork use the convenient platform ofChamtime plaza and hire the first-class team in the world to run themanagement. It adhere to the concept of new ecological joint office and tryingto provide Intelligent jiont office service for the companies and single manthose who are in the time of ‘everyone start business, everyone innovate.’ Itbreak the traditional way of business center charge mode. Achieve the goal of cutthe cost for the customers and increase of efficiency.

    Techwork is very choosy on every settledenterprise so that can form a new enterprise ecology of research anddevelopment, industry, capital, services. In the same time, Techwork canprovide human resource, financial, legal, brand promotion and otherprofessional services.

    —— Honors ——
    • · 荣获2016年度“浦东新区新型孵化器”