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  • Chamtime Gloria Resort

    Chamtime Gloria Resort

    [European romance villa hotel ,stay awayfrom noise]

    Chamtime Gloria resorts is located inDianshan lake international tour region. It has 17 villas along the lake. Ithas three room villa, four room villa and five room villa that can be dividedby single layer and double layer. The measure of area is among 249 to 1200square meters. Every villa has large sitting room, private garden, outsideswimming pool and private BBQ garden. The resort have a grass land of 1300square meters, Indoor constant temperature massage swimming pool, the winecellar beside the pool, HD big screen movie on the grassland beside the lake,luxury yacht and fast yacht and canoeing. You can enjoy the pure Europeanromance villa hotel here.

    —— Honors ——

    • · 2015年 《品味生活》“年度推荐中餐厅”
    • · 2015年 《慢旅》最佳中式精品酒店
    • · 2016年 《申江服务导报》酒店行业大赏“最佳奢华别墅度假酒店
    • · 2016年 《城市旅游》“最佳休闲酒店奖”
    • · 2016年 《柚子婚礼网》“奢华婚宴别墅酒店奖
    • · 2016年 《驴妈妈旅游网》中国“百强度假酒店”
  • Chamtime Mansion

    Chamtime Mansion

    [Luxury high-quality hotel]

    Chamtime mansion is located inside Detached Villa in the western suburb of Shanghai ,as know as one of the biggest villa community. The landscape design is based onSpanish style and make the hotel pure Spanish countryside town romantic. Thefacilities of the hotel is well prepared: the Chinese restaurant of authenticBeijing roast duck and royal-level food, the western restaurant serve thewestern meal, the luxury room of Spanish style, the gym of first-classequipment and indoor heated swimming pool. More than that ,there is the firstbrand croissant bakery in the hotel. In order to sever the guests and the villaowner properly.

  • Chamtime Restaurant

    Chamtime Restaurant

    [Court dishes  The ancient method of reproduction]

    Chamtime restaurant is located in the ChamtimePlaza. It absorb the essence of Chinese culture and mixed with contemporarydesign concept. So you can see highlight of strong Chinese flavor everywhere.There are private room in of different size in the second floor. There arespecially-assigned persons to server the meal for guests. There is a 300 squaremeters banquet space on the third floor. The food of the restaurant is mainlynew breed of Cantonese and also absorb the essence of Fujian meal. You can havegreat food and great wine, unique luxurious atmosphere and warmth andthoughtful service here. It makes you fell pleasures without stop in the uniqueOriental cuisine culture.

    —— Honors ——

    · 2016年 《橄榄餐厅评论》“年度最佳中餐厅”

    · 2016年 《中信•无限之选2016中国精选餐厅指南》殊荣