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Changjia Group INTL Holding Limited ‘CJ Group’ is a large multinational private enterprise group Which has dozens of wholly owned subsidiary.  

CJ Group has three major business: CJ Land Holding Group, CJ Asset Management Group, CJ Capital Operation Group.

CJ Group was established in September 1992 by chairman Zhao Changjia. Mr.Zhao was born in a family of traditional Chinese Medicine and became a teacher after graduating from college.After engaged in teaching, research and a large number of clinical work in the invention of a number of scientific research achievements, the CJ Brand ‘Bai Xiao Dan’ was the most famous one, which has won the best sales in China of individual products.

With the continuous development of the company and the trend of China's social and economic changing, CJ Group’s headquarters moved to Hongkong in 1997. And the major business turned into real estate development management and capital operation. After more than twenty years of development,CJ Group now has a strong economic strength and excellent operational capacity, as well as great corporate image and brand influence. And won a variety of awards and honors over 100 and wide acclaim from the community.

CJ Group will adhering to the concept of health sustainable development as usual. Keep supporting and encouraging three group companies using a variety of incentives according to its own business characteristics,such as: afterwards, penny profit commission, the project with the cast. It will greatly improve the backbone of the staff and the majority of staff initiative,enthusiasm and creativity, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

At the same time, we will conform to social development and economic trends and do a good job in industrial layout. We focused on real estate, but not only real estate, but also culture, tourism, leisure, health care and livable Town, etc., Do a good job in integration and operation of real estate, assets and financial .

We have a goal: Make CJ enterprise and Chamtime products built to last,and become a longevous enterprise. Strive to do first-class service, first-class products, first-class quality, first-class taste, and to become a respected multinational enterprise group.