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As one of the three industry groups of CJgroups,CJ Asset Management Group[CJ Asset] headquarters is in Shanghai.CJ Assetfocus on providing high quality ,refine and professional Asset value addedmanagement and operation service for office building,commercial asset,hotel.Aswell as high end property.Now we have holding and managing four kind ofassets,which are Chamtime Plaza,Chamtime office,Chamtime hotel and Chamtimeproperty.

Until Oct.2016,CJ Asset’s investment andassets were more than RMB 20 billion.The group headquarters have becomeinvestment center, manager center and settlement center. Now the “Greatinvestment Time” is coming,CJ Asset will improve not only investing ability,but also innovating ability, with the professional attitude and craftsmanspirit, devote to becoming leading service provider of asset management groupof China.